Bill Clinton and Porn Stars – “I’m Here to Fix your Cable”

Nobody is that surprised by Bill Clinton taking a photo with two lovely ladies of the adult film industry who just happened to be same party in Monaco. What are the odds? But according to TMZ, the ex-Prez asked to meet the two. That is totally surprising! By that I mean surprising that he asked to be introduced BEFORE mauling them with his potus hands and dick. It seems he’s learning manners.

By the way, “TMZ” stands for Thirty Mile Zone so I’m not sure why they are breaking their guidelines to carry this story – I hope this is brought up at the next editorial board meeting.

“one at a time, ladies”

The gals reportedly (not) said they would have stepped closer to him but were afraid to catch whatever std might be had by the Prez, famous for his Oval Office speed dating.

My official jokes that are probably are out there:

1. Bill said “did somebody order a pizza” and then proceeded to bite his lower lip while unbuttoning his jacket.

2. Bill’s cardiologist saw this image and said “ahh, man, I hope he survives”

3.  Bill said “Blue Dress!”

4. Bill went back to his hotel room and ordered porn (but not on the tv).

What’s most telling about the photo above is that we cannot see if he’s wearing his pants. I’m guessing he isn’t. It’s that kind of a party.