Barack Obama: John McCain Can’t Send Email…McCain: I can IM like a mutha

Today, Barack Obama’s campaign unveiled an ad pointing out the fact that John McCain does not use email. OMG!

(Nevermind that John McCain cannot use a keyboard due to the injuries suffered as POW. Oops! I’ll leave that to the other sites to dissect)

Anyway, later the John McCain campaign, in response to the ad, released transcripts demonstrating that John McCain wasn’t big on email, but loved to IM.

Here, for example, was Senator McCain’s IM log from late 1999, to wife Cindy McCain:

McCain2000Prez4sure: yo, C, what’s up?

AZGirl54: not much. just chillin’. getting my eBay fix.

McCain200Prez4sure: Sweet. Hey, have U talked 2 the kidz?

AZGirl54: oh, wait. BRB.

McCain200Prez4sure: OK.

AZGirl54: I’m back. I talked 2 kids y-day.

McCain200Prez4sure: R they coming 2 the rally next week?

AZGirl54: Just 1/2 of them.

McCain200Prez4sure: Which 1s?

AZGirl54: Does it matter?

McCain200Prez4sure: No. LOL.

AZGirl54: LOL. Ooh. I just won some dishes. Do we have a PayPal account, yet?

McCain200Prez4sure: We do 🙂

AZGirl54: Gr8.

McCain200Prez4sure: R U going 2 join the St8t Talk Xpress 2moro?

AZGirl54: IDK. I’ll get back 2 U.

McCain200Prez4sure: GGN

AZGirl54: Bye.

John McCain can IM.
John McCain can IM.

Joe Biden and Lobbyist Son Hunter at the Dinner Table

Last month, Joe Biden’s Senate office spokesperson said the following about his son, Hunter Biden, who is a lawyer/lobbyists for several companies.

“Hunter Biden does not lobby and has not lobbied Senator Biden’s office,” Alexander said in an e-mail. “Our rules are dictated by the Senate ethics bill, and we follow it by the letter.” Alexander said she knew of no favors done for the son’s clients.”

But doubts were raised when a transcript was released several days later, as Hunter Biden visited his father’s home for Sunday dinner.


Joe Biden: How is your work going, son?

Hunter Biden: Please don’t ask that, dad. I don’t want to cause any conflicts of interest.

JB: I understand. Can you pass me the salt?

HB: I can pass that salt, if you can pass the mustard.

JB: But there isn’t any mustard on the table.

(brief silence)

JB: Oh, yes, of course. I’ll pass that soon. It will get passed.

HB: Thank you dad. I love mustard. My friends back at the firm love mustard.

JB: I’ll pass it, don’t worry. Man, this mooseburger is delicious.

HB: Why are we having moose burgers? They taste awful.

JB: It’s a long story, but apparently the other side is going to pick some hockey mom from Alaska and the One – excuse me, Senator Obama – thought I’d should do some research on the folks up there – y’know, see what the eat, what they drink, that sorta thing. Hey, what do you think of my new hair?

HB: Not bad, dad. You look like a million bucks. Or at least a quarter of a million dollars.

JB: Is that all?

HB: Well, you might look like a little more, but it depends. I’d have to ask my colleagues. I’m still new at judging hair.

JB: You ask them. I’ll bet they see that I look like at least half a million bucks. I mean, this is great hair!

HB: I agree, but it isn’t doing that much lately.

JB: It will soon. This hair will do things for you, believe me. Tell your friends that. Now, can you pour me some more of that arctic icewater?


A 2004 photograph shows close ties between Joe Biden and lobbyist Hunter Biden (who is on one side or the other of Joe - does it matter?)
A 2004 photograph shows close ties between Joe Biden and lobbyist Hunter Biden (who is on one side or the other of Joe - does it matter?)