Forget the Google Phone ‘Android’ – check out the Ask Jeeves Phone!!

The Ask Jeeves phone is due to arrive in 2015.
The Ask Jeeves phone is due to arrive in 2015. (photoshopped by a blind monkey)

When I’m not ‘blogging’ about made-up stuff, I’m searching the globe for state-of-the-art technology. A lot of people are looking forward to the Google Phone, but I say, why have Google when you can have Jeeves? The Ask Jeeves phone hits the market in just 7 short years. Get in line, folks!


-The Ask Jeeves phone will be touch screen on EVERY side of the phone, with fingers or tongue. That means you can dial your friends by licking the side of the phone.

-You can name your phone whatever you want. No stupid “Android” associated with it. I am going to call my phone “Jeeves” – it’s just a name that came to mind.

-The phone will replace “Please Say A Command” audio direction with “Please Say A Command Five Times Before I Can Understand It!”

Remember – 2015. The Ask Jeeves phone. The future is here, in 2015.

August Round-Up – the stuff you might have missed

I’ve been heavily blogging all my little joke posts this past week and having a blast. Thanks for visiting.

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I’ll keep up with the Republican convention this week, as well, so please return!

Joe Biden Counters Sarah Palin choice with New Makeover!

Responding to the Republican candidate John McCain’s selection for Vice President, today longtime Senator Joseph Biden, of DelawarenotPennsylvania, revealed that he is actually younger than he has let on in the past. He is not 66 years old, but in fact 46, as seen in this new photo, released by the Obama campaign:

Without his aging disguise, Biden reveals a much younger man on the Obama Biden ticket
Without his age-disguise, Biden reveals a much younger man on the Obama Biden ticket (crude photoshop by mark wiberg)

“It’s true,” Biden said. “I’m 45. Or 46. Whatever. I lied about being older when I first ran for Senate because back then I was only 15.” He added that he has kept up the white, thin hair look long enough. “And I wear glasses just like she does. I am more experienced at wearing glasses, however. And I’m also a woman.”