DNC, night 3, Clinton, Biden! part 2

A preview of Joe Biden’s speech:

It’s an honor to be here tonight to share my IQ with you fellow Democrats. As a senator for many, many years, I know what change is all about. Change is what you pull out of your pants pocket and put on the kitchen table and stare at, when you’re hungry from walking to and from the train station. And sitting at that kitchen table, you wonder if you can stack that change, mostly quarters and nickels, as high as you did the night before so you begin stacking the change on the kitchen table and then it all falls down and that is bad, America. You do not want your change to fall down on the kitchen table or anywhere else.

If you’re against change, then you’re against me and my change. You’re for something else that I don’t know anything about. I come from Pennsylvania, a state that I will mention a lot over the next few months because it’s a swing state, but I represent another state you care nothing about, a state the size of a Walmart. So I am a Regular Joe who comes from two states, one of them a swing state, with only the change in his pocket and one kitchen table. I have had the same easy job for 35 years and that is something every American knows something about. I take the train to work – who doesn’t, right? All it takes is a little change to get there and back. And did you see how I brought the “change” motif back into my speech. Pretty lame, I know, but remember that next time you ask me to write my own speech. Remember, a vote for Obama is a vote for me, a regular joe, who happens to know how Washington works.

The phenom - Spaghetti Biden
The phenom - Spaghetti Biden