DNC, night 3, Clinton, Biden, and Obama, MSNBC, part 3!

So Obama shows up at the end and says ‘thanks, Biden, for remembering my name.’ Then he takes out a coin and tosses it to Biden, and says “Keep the Change” and he winks knowingly and they fist-bump, only Biden breaks his hand and starts to cry so they take him off stage. And then Obama gives a shout out to Bill Clinton, who will not be the First Man next year, but instead will return to NY to continue his studies of global politics and solutions to poverty, and to catch up with E!’s show “Girls Next Door.” Then Obama waves to the crowd and Fox News reports that Obama whispered “dirka dirka” to Biden earlier, proving once again that Obama lives a double-life as a muslim, speaks muslim, and that plans for a White House basement-level mosque are in the works.

Meanwhile, the dolts at MSNBC seem hellbent on destroying each other while “reporting/analyzing” the Democratic Convention this week. Olbermann, Matthews, Scarborough, Shuster, etc. are hilariously dysfunctional. It’s like that scene from Reservoir Dogs, with Steve Buscemi telling everyone to act like professionals. MSNBC needs a professional reporter to babysit all of them. I wonder if this kinda crap would be going on if Tim Russert were alive?

So, here’s an example of the lovefest at MSNBC. Remember these people work for the same cable channel. I guess Olbermann’s “Worse Person In The World” will be sourced from within soon.

It’s great television, though useless for the voters! (as usual, right?).