McCain picks Sarah Palin, “Cradle of Love” rock video girl, for VP!

Sarah Palin, current governor of Alaska, is apparently John McCain’s selection for his vice-presidential pick. Palin first got her start as the nerd-turned-hot dancer in the Billy Idol music video “Cradle of Love.” I think. I could be wrong. I’ll have to watch the music video a few more hundred times to be sure.

Sarah in the 1980s.
Sarah in the 1980s.

Sarah now:

Sarah Palin is more blue-collar than Joe Biden (she’s even wearing a blue collar here, to prove it!). She hunts moose, for example- with her bare hands.

10 thoughts on “McCain picks Sarah Palin, “Cradle of Love” rock video girl, for VP!

  1. Betsy Lynn George – sounds made up. Sarah Palin sounds like a real name and she has brown hair just like the girl in the video.

  2. Things I love about this video: his computer; his giant stereo (black! how gauche!) with a TAPE DECK and the fact that it takes a moment to realize that Billy’s supposed to be a PAINTING – they didn’t have plasma screens. (And thank god, because who would want to see Ford Fairlane on them.)

    I actually do like the part where he comes into the Marylin paintings and then shoves her out – that’s a great bit.

  3. @Michael,

    thanks for the dissertation, Billy Idol Fan! (and yeah, Dice Clay – MIA!) What about Idol’s cane – remember he ate shit on his motorcycle that year.
    It is a great video and luckily, our future VP was in it! ha ha ha.

  4. Wow! i love the girl in that video since the 80´s but… Palín?? lol. In fact her appears to be the same!

    Great deduction!

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