Barack Obama: John McCain Can’t Send Email…McCain: I can IM like a mutha

Today, Barack Obama’s campaign unveiled an ad pointing out the fact that John McCain does not use email. OMG!

(Nevermind that John McCain cannot use a keyboard due to the injuries suffered as POW. Oops! I’ll leave that to the other sites to dissect)

Anyway, later the John McCain campaign, in response to the ad, released transcripts demonstrating that John McCain wasn’t big on email, but loved to IM.

Here, for example, was Senator McCain’s IM log from late 1999, to wife Cindy McCain:

McCain2000Prez4sure: yo, C, what’s up?

AZGirl54: not much. just chillin’. getting my eBay fix.

McCain200Prez4sure: Sweet. Hey, have U talked 2 the kidz?

AZGirl54: oh, wait. BRB.

McCain200Prez4sure: OK.

AZGirl54: I’m back. I talked 2 kids y-day.

McCain200Prez4sure: R they coming 2 the rally next week?

AZGirl54: Just 1/2 of them.

McCain200Prez4sure: Which 1s?

AZGirl54: Does it matter?

McCain200Prez4sure: No. LOL.

AZGirl54: LOL. Ooh. I just won some dishes. Do we have a PayPal account, yet?

McCain200Prez4sure: We do 🙂

AZGirl54: Gr8.

McCain200Prez4sure: R U going 2 join the St8t Talk Xpress 2moro?

AZGirl54: IDK. I’ll get back 2 U.

McCain200Prez4sure: GGN

AZGirl54: Bye.

John McCain can IM.
John McCain can IM.

5 thoughts on “Barack Obama: John McCain Can’t Send Email…McCain: I can IM like a mutha

  1. love it u have a great sense of humor i also love that!!!!!!! I’m a newbie on the blog thing so u can help me out right?????? lol!!!!!! gr8t!

    GGN (watev that means!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thanks – glad u liked it. i give all credit 2 the politicians’ campaign staff.

    who do i want for Prez? Uma Thurman.

  3. The ad about McCain not being able to send an email or type comments on the fact that McCain doesn’t KNOW how to send an email or use a computer. While he might not be able to, that isn’t what the ad is claiming. The ability to do so vs. the knowledge to do so is different. The fact still remains: he doesn’t KNOW how to use a computer or send an email. Once again, people are missing the point. While I think it’s ridiculous in this day and age, he’s so old and out of touch I honestly don’t expect him to know this. It’s probably reason number 402 why he shouldn’t be president. There are many other issues that are ahead of this one but you can add it to the long list of why he shouldn’t be president. Anyone that likes McCain really better like Palin since she will be running the country when he kicks it. McCain is so old he should not be buying green bananas.

  4. @al
    thanks for replying with seriousness on a joke post.
    If you think Obama’s ad was smart, then don’t complain in November when he loses. I would like to see smart moves on both sides in this campaign – I’m not seeing it. I guess it’s okay to be OLD in the Senate (Robert Byrd, Strom Thurmond, Ted Kennedy, Ben Campbell, John McCain, Arlin Spector, etc.) because the Senate doesn’t do anything.
    But, again, I’m writing joke posts and if you want to convince me of anything, please donate a ton of money to me.

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