thoughts about important things, like stupid golfers and white house crashers (testing out this Windows Live blogger software)

So, Tiger Woods got slapped around, chased away, only to crash his car into a tree. It is none of our business, but if he was poor, and on an episode of Cops, we would feel like it is.  Domestic violence – man on woman, or woman on man – is a serious issue, no matter how many times you can bounce a golf ball on a wedge.

I don’t care so much, but it does seem extremely stupid (arrogant? no way. okay, maybe) of Tiger Woods to put off the police. Apparently, he has no legal obligation to talk to them, but it is a PR nightmare if he doesn’t. And it won’t help the rumors. Be like Tiger next time you run over a mailbox, and hit a tree and are found in and out of consciousness. I’m sure the police will respect your privacy and let you issue a statement rather than answer a few direct questions.

What else? I can’t believe how much coverage was given to that stupid couple that snuck into the President’s first state dinner. Yeah, they broke the rules and the Secret Service blew it, but all day long the news covers these two dopes as if they climbed the gates to the White House and raided the bar.  I think the press is obsessed with it because they didn’t think of it first.

that’s it – just posting to try this new software.