Tim Shriver and Special Olympics Denounce MTV Awards Show and Host’s Use of the R-Word (retard) – oh, wait – they didn’t!

Following Sunday evening’s televised awards show on MTV, Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, said he was totally considering doing or saying something about MTV for the awards show host Russell Brand’s use of the word “retarded” in referring to President George Bush.

Russell Brand Hates Retarded Cowboys
Russell Brand Hates "Retarded Cowboy" Bush, Loves the Royal Family.

“I am this close to saying something about it. As soon as MTV’s parent company/owner Sumner Redstone is done donating to the Democratic party, I am going to write a letter. I might even mail it.”

Shriver and other organizations who support special needs people, say they want the “r-word” to no longer be part of everyday vocabulary, unless it is used by an employee of a major donor.

Hating the R-Word, selectively
Tim Shriver, Hating the R-Word like nobody's business.

“Hey, I know the r-word is offensive – it’s soooo offensive that I called for a boycott on a stupid little parody film (Tropic Thunder). Now, when I hear someone use that word, the r-word, on a televised program owned by a company that donates money to my family’s political party, I do get pretty fed up. I am so angry I could spit.”

When asked if there was a difference between host Russell Brand’s use and the film Tropic Thunder’s use of the “r-word,” Shriver didn’t hesitate.

“That is the most r-worded question I’ve heard today. The difference is that I get to decide what is allowed. Isn’t that clear?”