Douglas Kennedy – Bringing Up Baby

Is there a Kennedy family member who isn’t a total jerk? All hail the Kennedys, for they have spawned again and must be allowed to roam when and where they want with their newest creation on hospital grounds. “To get fresh air” (because we all know how smoke-filled those maternity wards can be!)  Remember, it’s not cool to kick a nurse…unless she’s a ginger.

Why is it that every Kennedy seems incapable of avoiding trouble, minor or major? I wonder how long it will be before ‘Ginger’ Joe Kennedy III (candidate for Congress) makes the news (sex scandal? drugs? taxes? who knows! The Kennedy’s always keep it fresh in the scandal department).  Remember, this is a family that believes in public service.  Not to be confused with court-ordered community service, which most of them deserve.

Added 2/26/12: I did not realize until yesterday that Douglas Kicker Kennedy is the 10th of 11 children of Robert F. Kennedy’s – 11 kids!  The Kennedys were apparently the Duggars of New England!  So maybe the percentages of Kennedy’s getting in trouble isn’t as large as I thought.

Joe Kennedy – Don’t Kick A Ginger, Vote For One!

Joe Kennedy III announced today that he is running for Congress. While his family name is a help, he says being a ginger is going to cost him a few votes.

JK (left) says in his youtube announcement that BF (right) has "very large shoes" to be filled by the next representative elected. And pants, and shirt, and hat.

The cool thing about Joe Kennedy is that I can write j/k and it doesn’t mean Joe Kennedy, but it kinda does. “Just Kidding” should be the Kennedy Family’s slogan.  Besides two awful deaths (JFK and RFK) the only Kennedy Curse that I can see seems to be an idiot gene that runs dominant in the family.   Remember Caroline’s 2 hour candidacy? Um, of course you do.