Donation for heart patient needed! Jon Marsh graduated with the class of 1989 Atascadero High School


Jon Marsh graduated with the class of 1989 at Atascadero High School.  He is now in need of some funds to help assist himself and family as they have to relocated to San Diego in preparation for one or more surgeries. Please see the GoFundMe link below to read more details.

This need of Jon’s is especially close to me as I too had heart surgery as a young child (VSD – Ventricular septal defect – repaired in 1973/1974). Certainly my situation was different, but the heart is the heart – the motor of the human body. Technology is amazing, and tremendous strides have been made in repairing hearts and heart transplant surgeries. But, what doesn’t change is the day-to-day costs no matter the  medical emergency and care. Bills for the family don’t go away when one finds themselves with a serious medical condition. Nevermind the hospital bills/insurance maze a patient is required to manage, just think of small things. The things you and your family perhaps don’t have time to remember or deal with because there are bigger fish to fry. Who wants to think about a security deposit while you sit by the phone waiting to hear from the hospital or doctor or insurance agent about the fate of a loved one’s situation.

I don’t  know Jon – I recognize him from yearbook photos, recall that he was a friendly guy in high school, but we ran in different circles…no big deal. But he is a friend of a friend, and so his family’s Facebook post found its way to my FB Wall.  I chipped in a few dollars because this situation is critical and would benefit from a quick crowd-source/viral movement – mountains don’t need to be moved here, rivers don’t need to be parted. Just a few dollars now. Not tomorrow or next week. Now. The GoFundMe site was extremely easy to use- no username/password required. Three pages and done. Please donate.