CBS picks up Northern Exposure for more episodes, citing Palin popularity

CBS confirmed today that net execs have signed onto the production of 22 more episodes of the canceled television series, Northern Exposure, now titled North3rn Exposur3. Net execs say the selection of vice prez nominee Sarah Palin played a large part in the upcoming production.

Northern Exposure 2.0 is set to air later this Fall.
North3rn Exposur3 2.0 is set to air later this Fall.

“We looked at Palin, and the reaction to her, and thought “how did we miss “moose hotdogs? Snow mobiles? Wasilla? ANWAR? Polar bears?” said one executive. “There’s obviously more material out there for Dr. Joel Fleischman and other characters I can’t remember to go after. I think Alaska was a state when we produced the show, but now, it’s on the map.”

The Emmy award winning series is set to begin production late next week because everyone involved with the show, especially the cast, are free to work.

“I haven’t worked in television in years,” Rob Morrow said. “Oh, wait – I’m in the show Numb3rs. I forgot. Well, I know the others haven’t because they all work at the same Target store on Sepulveda Boulevard in the valley.”