Timmy! The Audacity of Timothy Geithner!

This Timothy Geithner (Timmy!) is a great money-man.  You can read all about it in his unpublished book:

Pay Shmay – An American’s Guide To Taxes.

In case you don’t know who Timothy Geithner is, he is one of the two below.  One knows his name and the other one uses off-the-shelf software to cheat on his taxes.

Money Expert
Money Expert
Money Expert
Money Expert

Lesson learned – If you can’t pay the IRS, get a job with them. And if you can beat them, well, run the IRS.

What Will Happen in 2009 – Brilliant Predictions!

Here are my predictions for 2009. For every one I get right, please pay me through paypal. thanks.

1. An underrated NFL team will win the Superbowl in February.
2. Some old actor or actress will pass away.
3. Really bad weather will hit a state and cause damage.
4. The stock market will go up or down.
5. Radios will continue to work.
6. Iphone will be upgraded.
7. Someone will sue Myspace and/or Facebook.
8. A bigtime news reporter or anchor will be fired or not show up to work for two days due to illness.
9. McDonalds will discontinue the Big Mac, but only for a second, and nobody will notice. This will happen sometime in May or November.
10. Everyone in the United States will catch ‘hockey fever’ and be captivated by the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
11. The NBC show E.R. will end it’s television run but will continue on the internet’s http://www.funnyordie.com, with new actors, and a different premise and title.
12. A United States Senator or Representative will be caught in a murder/love/shoplifting triangle.
13. Some households will continue to ban dogs because of allergies. At least that’s the excuse the parents will give their kids.