hey, after you view ALL those Carlin clips on YouTube, read this:

This interview took place earlier this month – an interview posted on Pyschology Today’s website –  read it if you’re interested in how now dead comedian George Carlin viewed himself, stand-up comedy, etc…very interesting.

and below, check out the clip of Carlin posted on youtube. Just kidding! You’ve probably seen ’em all anyway! Now, I encourage to read that interview.

UPDATE: I realized I should have mentioned that, of course, Carlin was a great comic and I really dug his stuff, especially the 1970s/1980s stuff.  Who is going to take the time post that they didnt? I guess some will. Anyhow, a very sharp comic who was fortunate to keep at it for so long. And, per George Carlin, please wait 6 weeks to scratch his name out of your address book (if you were so fortunate to have him in your book to call on).