hey, after you view ALL those Carlin clips on YouTube, read this:

This interview took place earlier this month – an interview posted on Pyschology Today’s website –  read it if you’re interested in how now dead comedian George Carlin viewed himself, stand-up comedy, etc…very interesting.

and below, check out the clip of Carlin posted on youtube. Just kidding! You’ve probably seen ’em all anyway! Now, I encourage to read that interview.

UPDATE: I realized I should have mentioned that, of course, Carlin was a great comic and I really dug his stuff, especially the 1970s/1980s stuff.  Who is going to take the time post that they didnt? I guess some will. Anyhow, a very sharp comic who was fortunate to keep at it for so long. And, per George Carlin, please wait 6 weeks to scratch his name out of your address book (if you were so fortunate to have him in your book to call on).

2 thoughts on “hey, after you view ALL those Carlin clips on YouTube, read this:

  1. did you see the original SNL they showed, with him as host? He seemed completely off balance and the material seemed awkward and the staging seemed obvious (the set-ups and segways didn’t feel natural). I had just read about the baseball/football thing and while it’s kind of funny, his delivery there didn’t do it justice (I guess) and seemed to me more of a poetic think-piece than a joke.

  2. Another interesting thing is that in the interview he talks about how you want an audience to laugh rather than applaud or agree with you but if you listen to his later stand up, a lot of the time he seems to be playing to the crowd (in the *opposite* way) – giving them applause lines about the government or society that aren’t necessarily funny.

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