Dennis Wolfberg – an absolute original comic.

Here’s a clip of another favorite – Dennis Wolfberg, who passed away in 1994. Before I ever dreamed of doing stand-up comedy, this guy was in the back of my mind as one of THE ones to emulate – in terms of writing jokes that are personal, clean, and hilarious. Mr. Wolfberg also gained cult status on the show “Quantum Leap” playing the character Gooshie, as well as performing at Comic Relief. This clip features a hilarious bit about his teaching experience with imbeciles, morons, and idiots!

2 thoughts on “Dennis Wolfberg – an absolute original comic.

  1. God rest his soul. Where can I buy a dvd of his standup comedy routine?

    He was the best

  2. I don’t think there’s a DVD out there with only Dennis Wolfberg’s stand-up. He is in a couple of ‘compilation’ dvds of 80s/90s stand-up acts. there should be, though! There was an HBO special so maybe one day they’ll release it.

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