and first contest winner

This is a few months old news, but a local Central California resident, Lizette Mizelle, won’s first contest back in August. I think there are too many comedy websites with contests, but if you are gonna win one, it doesn’t hurt to win at this site, which is owned by Sony Entertainment Pictures (and, of course, don’t forget to watch your favorite stand-up comedian on your new Sony Bravia…things are funnier in HD).

Links:    and   (click on Hall of Fame, then scroll down to see Lizette’s set)

One thought on “ and first contest winner

  1. Hey…are you blogging about me??? So, on the heels of your blog, I will add that, YES it’s ridiculous that comedy has turned into a competition sport especially because its so subjective. Generally competition equals popularity contest. That’s why I uploaded to Crackle. It wasn’t about people voting…and me begging all of my myspace buddies to vote as many times as possible….blah blah. Last Comic Standing is the next big competition…I would say winning that would be worth it too.

    You know I would vote for you though, right Mark? You really are one of my favorites!!


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