Updates you can use!

My opening set at the Player’s Restaurant’s After Dark (listed below in two days ago) is JUNE 18th, 2008 – in Atascadero, CA – be there, or be left behind. It’s a great room and a helluva show. Larry King of CNN and other old/ancient people love to say ‘helluva’ and so let’s bring it back. Hell Of A. Whatever. The show is good.

I will also be performing at The Grange Hall (Comedy _______ – i forget the name) on Broad Street in San Luis Obispo on June 7th – 8:30 pm is the start time for this show. Again, be there, or be left behind, feeling totally out of the loop when it comes to the comedy world of Central California.

ALSO, I am new when it comes to writing for the internet (outside email) and what I have learned is that I make typos. As a one-time professional office temp, my typing skills were what sealed the deal for those $8/hr jobs – 80 wpm, with 0 to 1 error – but without the pressure and glory of data entry assignments, I’ve appeared to have lost a step. You may find a typo here and there – and I don’t plan on going back and fixing.