make that 8 words you can’t say on tv – #8: nuts.

news junkies are all  over Rev. Jesse Jackson love song to Obama prior to a Fox News Sunday appearance. Apparently he wants Obama’s NUTS CUT OFF!!! NUTS. NUTS. NUTS. Wasn’t that a lame comedy from the 80s?

The video shows you just how little, if any, nuts the tv news cable shows have in covering this.  First, does it really warrant ‘BREAKING NEWS?’ Yes, but ONLY if Jackson actually managed to grab and cut off Obama’s nuts does it warrant breaking news, IMO. And don’t worry, Jackson would’ve still said it if Hillary was the nominee.

And, oh yeah,I totally can’t wait for the Law & Order version of this scandal.

Second point, and off topic: Jesse’s title: Reverend? Still goin’ with that title, J-man? You make Al Sharpton look like the pope, sometimes. Give the title a rest before your own rainbow coalition nuts get struck by lightning.

The only thing that explains this whole stupidness is that Jay Leno paid Jesse Jackson to say this incredibly idiotic thing. But then again, Jesse only does shakedowns, so maybe not.