Sarah Palin Speech Preview – No Teleprompter, Blindfolded, Earplugs.

Republican party officials confirmed today that Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin will present her speech this evening using no teleprompter and while wearing a Alaska State Flag blindfold and earplugs.

“This speech is going to be easy for her. She’s totally relaxed,” one official stated. “We are not worried at all. She memorized the speech yesterday while shopping for maternity clothes for her daughter.” He added that they other issues to be worried about, like Palin’s as-of-now unnamed, married cousin, who is expecting twins, despite only living in a two-bedroom apartment in Anchorage. “We are concerned the Democrats will use this as an issue against Palin.”

Palin did meet the cousin twice in the past five years at two separate family gatherings and is said to have said “how are you?” to the younger 25-year-old cousin, causing concern within Republican ranks that the Alaskan Governor is too closely tied to her cousin, who has no plans to move to a larger living space.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Speech Preview – No Teleprompter, Blindfolded, Earplugs.

  1. When John McCain articulated his pro-life stance, he stood head and shoulders above the competition. McCain delivered. McCain also delivered a pro-life running mate, who puts her money where her mouth is. That these two will standup and call a spade a spade is truly electrifying. They’re standing up; I get it. So, you’re saying the cousin lives in an apartment, not a trailer. That’s huge. On a lighter note, Global Warming is an apparent hoax. Sarah Palin’s proximity to the polar region caused the snowmelt. The woman is on fire. Here’s Jan & Dean: And, I got your political pork; right here:

  2. @Peggy McGilligan,

    thanks for reading, commenting off-topic (did I write about John McCain in this post?), and mentioning your 9/11 website, as you do at every site you visit, apparently.
    I think my post and this site is way over your head, as you missed what was supposed to be a slightly amusing dig at the press and outlandish expectations for the speech.

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