Russian Wife Swap. Or Don’t Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out

Okay, we’ve got the pieces in place now. Ms. Anna Amanda “What a Country” Chapman is headed to Russia, and word is she will be swapped back into the U.S. under the Wife Swap television show. In just a matter of months, she’ll be giving orders to some disgruntled fat farmer husband and his two brats.

Anna Champion - Queen of Hearts. Spy. Probably also a twihard.

If AZ passed a law declaring all illegal immigrants to be foreign agents (spies), could they offer a prisoner swap with other countries?  Where is Tom Clancy when you need him to explain all this? Is he back to selling insurance?  Why are we only getting 4 prisoners for 10 spies? Is that the exchange rate now? What is it to China? North Korea?

The real question is why the rush? Did they want to get these people out of the country in time to watch the World Cup finals? Lindsay Lohan’s hearing on Wednesday took longer than processing these 10 spies.  With ten of these spies, certainly there’s more out there and so I offer the tv pitch: “So You Think You Can Spy!”