New Black Panther Party – Comedy Gold

The old Black Panther party had better speakers. But whatever they lack in speechifyin’, the New Black Panther Party sure is stylish! Nice uniform, Captain Stubing. When does the boat leave? I didn’t know Scientology had a Black Panther division! You look like you raided the costumes from Hunt For Red October. Periscope up, man!

Hey, Long John Silvers called, and they want to remind you the uniform has to be returned by tomorrow.

How come nobody in this video has  matching uniforms? Did each go to their parent’s closet and get whatever black clothing they could find.

And the microphone? Orange – what karaoke bar did they steal this mic from? Nothing says ‘serious leader’ like talking into a mic that looks like Elmo’s nose. Why not just wire-attach it to your arm and hop around and be done with it.

Who knew Elmo's nose is a microphone?

So, New Black Party Panther – get it together. You want to intimidate and call people crackers, be my guest, but get your ass to a Men’s Wearhouse, get everyone measured and get proper jackets. Second, go buy some more ball0ons. A clown needs his balloons.