Things to expect at Apple’s press conference tomorrow

I’ve been following this story on and off for the past day so I know what I’m talking about. Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow about the super awesome-performing iPhone 4.0.

So, here are some things to look for tomorrow.

1. If Steve Jobs is there, he’ll be in blue jeans, because that was hip some time ago.  I’m not a dress prude, but maybe give the denim a rest, gazillionaire.

2. They will congratulate the public for discovering ‘the flaw’ and camera crews will rush the stage while Ryan Secrest appears and announces a brand new game show “So You Think You Can Spot A Design Flaw” where each month, a major tech company totally jacks up their popular products.  Rumor has it that next month, the chocolate-covered PS3 will hit stores.

3.  According to WSJ, a recall won’t happen. Instead, those with the defective iPhone 4.0 will mail it in, and receive a corrected version – while this may sound like a recall, it isn’t. Apple will tell you it isn’t. They’ll tell you that the SASE they send you isn’t necessarily for your Iphone but that if you get bored, and want to be without a phone for a couple of weeks (send your phone on a vaction, so to speak), then they’ll ask “why not use this envelope to send your phone on a trip?”

Okay, I thought this would be funnier but I’ll still post it and tag it ‘comedy’….anyway, go and read possibilities over at Gizmodo.