Charles Rangel needs an Inception something awful….

Charles Rangel (NY-D) needs to get it in his head to resign. I need an architect, chemist and forger. Who’s with me?

Somedy 'incept' this fool.

I am not exactly a fan of MSNBC, but I found it refreshing today to see video of Luke Russert actually ask a question of Rangel that ruffled the representative’s feathers. Instead of responding “no” to whether he’s worried about losing his position as representative over the ethics investigation-now-upcoming-trial, Rangel looked a little put off, confused, and seemed more interested in Russert’s inexperience (or youth).

So, what needs to happen is a covert team needs to take a nap, dream, find Rangel, make him dream within a dream and plant inside his stupid brain the idea of resignation!

I guess being a Democrat isn’t as fun when the “dumb questions” are directed to you.