Two ‘Bergs – Dennis Wolfberg and Mitch Hedberg….legends.

Two of the absolute best and original comics are Mitch Hedberg and Dennis Wolfberg. Both are no longer, but their acts are timeless, material made so much stronger by their delivery. Mitch gets more attention from fans and comics as he passed away more recently, but both deserve to be recognized for years and years (and yes it’s a coincidence that my last name ends in ‘berg too! that’s the only thing I have in common with these legends).

Mitch Hedberg – great material, and one-of-a-kind delivery. Here’s the first part of his Comedy Central special.

Dennis Wolfberg: this bit is on childbirth, marriage. For more, search There’s not a whole lot out there, but it’s worth watching.

Really not news but

I deleted my other new blog (laughreview) already – I wasn’t updating it that often – oh bad – another webpage not online.

NEWS (as of 5/18/08):

I will be opening a comedy show at Players Restaurant in Atascadero, CA on JUNE 18TH  July 16, 2008 (Players After Dark – a good show with several comics). Show starts at 8:00 pm.

Weekend in Review!

I performed 10 minutes of stand-up comedy Saturday night in San Luis Obispo at the Grange Hall – I did okay, thought I was gonna do better.  Jokes that worked: hmmmm, let’s see……being mauled at the local zoo by a redneck (a joke inspired by those idiots in San Francisco) and one about killing neighbor’s dogs in order to reverse the ‘owning a dog adds 7 years to your life’ study I heard about. I did not start off strongly, and that made it tougher, and so lesson re-learned.

What else about the past weekend: I thought most of the Superbowl commercials were lame.   And don’t forget to vote this week if your state is holding a primary. Or go ahead and forget to vote but tell people you did vote.

Posted on my other blog,, is a clip of Mitch Hedberg, who would have turned 40 this month if he hadn’t died in 2005.

Steve Martin – Born Standing Up

Steve Martin

Steve Martin has a new, excellent, 207 page book out in stores this month, titled Born Standing Up. Anybody interested in stand-up comedy should read Martin’s story. He recalls his early jobs as a teenager and young man, and later as a hugely popular comedian touring the country in 1970s, playing venues filled with thousands of people. The banjo, the arrow-through-the-head gag, the white suit – he describes the evolution of this act, from the beginnings as a kid with a talent for magic tricks and goofiness, to a young, educated man twisting general perceptions of stand-up comedy with his absurd actions, oddball humor and hard work.

He mentions very little of his movie career, except when related to some of his material in his stand-up act, so we are spared of stories about life on the set of Cheaper By The Dozen. Instead, he gives us a focused account of one of the hottest comedy acts of the 20th century – his own.

Most comedians can and do package their jokes into book form and slap a $20 price on it and watch it climb the bestseller lists. Those are sorta funny, I’m-on-an-airplane reads. But, only a few jokers actually take the time to asses their stand-up act, themselves and stand-up comedy. I think this is only because a few have the stand-up comedy career worth studying, like Steve Martin.

Here’s Martin performing his Fun Balloon Animals piece: