Weekend in Review!

I performed 10 minutes of stand-up comedy Saturday night in San Luis Obispo at the Grange Hall – I did okay, thought I was gonna do better.  Jokes that worked: hmmmm, let’s see……being mauled at the local zoo by a redneck (a joke inspired by those idiots in San Francisco) and one about killing neighbor’s dogs in order to reverse the ‘owning a dog adds 7 years to your life’ study I heard about. I did not start off strongly, and that made it tougher, and so lesson re-learned.

What else about the past weekend: I thought most of the Superbowl commercials were lame.   And don’t forget to vote this week if your state is holding a primary. Or go ahead and forget to vote but tell people you did vote.

Posted on my other blog, laughreview.wordpress.com, is a clip of Mitch Hedberg, who would have turned 40 this month if he hadn’t died in 2005.