Two ‘Bergs – Dennis Wolfberg and Mitch Hedberg….legends.

Two of the absolute best and original comics are Mitch Hedberg and Dennis Wolfberg. Both are no longer, but their acts are timeless, material made so much stronger by their delivery. Mitch gets more attention from fans and comics as he passed away more recently, but both deserve to be recognized for years and years (and yes it’s a coincidence that my last name ends in ‘berg too! that’s the only thing I have in common with these legends).

Mitch Hedberg – great material, and one-of-a-kind delivery. Here’s the first part of his Comedy Central special.

Dennis Wolfberg: this bit is on childbirth, marriage. For more, search There’s not a whole lot out there, but it’s worth watching.

One thought on “Two ‘Bergs – Dennis Wolfberg and Mitch Hedberg….legends.

  1. I think you like these guys because they can’t threaten your career because they’re dead.

    I wonder if any of Wolfberg’s students ever saw him perform or knew him later when he was (semi) famous.

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