King of Comedy – DeNiro

If you think actor Robert DeNiro plays the same dudes over and over, rent/buy The King of Comedy, directed by Martin Scorsese. DeNiro plays Rupert Pupkin (say that fast) – a delusional thirty-something living with his mom, believing that he is the most talented comic/television host to substitute or replace a popular, Johnny Carson-like figure (Jerry Lewis). Pupkin, though, has not exactly developed his skills, and has never performed in front of an audience (except in his own mind). Anyway, the movie is brilliant and way overlooked by DeNiro fans and fans of show business-type ‘making it in show-biz movies’. Sandra Bernhard also stars as an even crazier character. This movie has some cringe-making scenes, as Rupert tries his best to insert himself in the ‘late night show’ scene. This clip is Rupert ‘having a meeting’ with his idol: