jokes, thoughts

i can’t think of a new joke, so let’s write shit down. i saw ‘step brothers’ the movie (not the play, ha ha. not yet, anyway) and it was funny, in a tard sort of way – good for a laugh. I was having a laugh, as they say, at the movie. It kinda fizzles toward the end but what comedy doesn’t? Comedy films should all be 60 minutes.

new jokes may involve mouse traps (how many jokes do you know that involve mouse traps ) – they are funny things. It’s like America’s Funniest Home Videos without the camcorder and it ends awfully for the mouse.  And if you put one in a hamster cage, the same thing happens, so it’s not just a mouse trap. Ugh. So, I’m thinking of something involving a mouse trap.

High Definition – that’s a tech trend that is really not necessary. “Poor” people have high definition television sets and blu-ray dvd players. WTF. Remember that when people bitch about the price of gas. At Walmart, they sell Blu Ray DVDs – Blue Collar Tour on Blu-Ray – finally! So, that’s on my mind. Do they have food stamps in hi-def? Is it really necessary to see everything in hi-def. And is it ‘hi-def’ or ‘high-def’ (which may indicate elevation of definition). People are more concerned with how things appear on their tv sets (story boxes), rather than how they appear in real life. Full disclosure – i have a hi-def tv but I wear glasses so I need it. j/k. I don’t own a blu-ray player. Also, i don’t need my ‘sound’ surrounding me at every turn. (actually, i do have a joke about this which I told last time around on stage and it’s kinda funny but not gonna write it here).

Watching the AMC show “Mad Men” – just discovered it and not sure yet what to make of it, except that it makes me feel like the biggest slob ever. Everyone dressed nicely back then, now matter the social status. Now, they don’t.

The cool song in Pineapple Express trailer isn’t on the soundtrack. It’s called Paper Planes, by M.I.A. Why this happens is a big concern to me.

I’m reading a John Irving novel “Until I Find You” and it’s kinda funny – I’m a 1/3 of the way through it. Will I finish it. Hopefully.