Message Board Impressions!

I never do impressions in my stand-up. But today I thought I’d try two ‘online’ impressions. One being a typical post on a liberal comment board. and the other, a typical post on a right-leaning message board. Enjoy!


Re: Price of gasoline


This is what you get when you allow an election to be STOLEN! Twice! When will we learn!? We’re smarter!

I’m glad someone is reporting this bullsh$t. I can’t believe my grandma watches O’Lamely and believes everything the evil corporations and Darth Ch3ney spew about this illegal war. Where’s Osama bin Bushladen, dudes? Stay Outta Walmart, Save the World. Darwin rules, bitches!

Oh, and btw, the oil corporations just made $50 million in the time it took me to post this from my iMac! Thanks Rethuglicans!

by Trustafarian4life: Posted 4:17 pm, August 18, 2008

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Next impression:

Re: Tax hikes! Call your congressman!

This just figures. Do as I say, not as I do. Thanks AlGore! Enjoy your big house and big boat, you fat hippocrite (get it? Hippo!). Global Warming is when you fart! When will the other side admit they hate America? God Bless America and W. Go USA! Never forget the war on terror!

And never mind the media – they hate America and never report anything bad about their friends, the Democrazies. George Soros can suck it! And by “it” I mean Dan Rather and the liberal media that wants my kids speaking Spanish and learning Die-versity! Arrrgghhh!

By SUVMomma Posted 8:30 am, August 17, 2008

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  1. I complete forgot the moderate comment impression, but I think you have nailed it, yourself! Perfect.

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