procrastination meets road tour

hey, so I tried to do a fictional road tour and couldn’t even keep up with that!!! oh well. It served it’s purpose as it gave me a few new jokes. What I thought would be a thirty-day project on a fictional road tour turned into a 4 day tour!!! I also had technical difficulties that interfered.

Back to stand-up comedy. Yes, comedian/actor Bernie Mac died earlier this month. Honestly, I didn’t follow his stuff but from what I read and saw, he seemed to be very decent and very funny and is a good example of delivery rising above the material (at least in the clips and movies I’ve seen – I’m sure the material is overall great – but it sometimes is that the personality overshadows the material once comics ‘make it’ – as it naturally would).

One thought on “procrastination meets road tour

  1. First George Carlin, then Bernie Mac. How sad!
    First a plane crash in Spain, now one in Kyrgzstan.
    I hope nothing comes in threes in either subject.

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