Bob Woodward Publishes Sarah Palin book – Exclusive Interview here! Kind of.

Bob Woodward recently published his investigative book on Republican Vice-President nominee Sarah Palin. I had the opportunity to interview him Sunday afternoon via telephone:

Mark Wiberg: Hi Bob.

Bob Woodward: Hi, Mike.

Wiberg: It’s “Mark.” So, I understand you wrote this book this past weekend about the Governor of Alaska, John McCain’s surprise selection for vice president..

Woodward: Who?

Wiberg: Sarah Palin.

Woodward: Oh, yes. I didn’t realize she was the governor.

Wiberg: But you just wrote a book about her?

Woodward: I did, but much of what I wrote was sourced from unnamed sources, including people I never talked to, and none of them indicated to me that Palin was the governor of Alaska.

Wiberg: Okay. Let me ask you this – did you spend any time with Sarah Palin or her husband Todd?

Woodward: She’s married?

Wiberg: Yes.

Woodward: (scribbling) Interesting. Anyway, to answer your question: I did talk with Sarah during the writing of this book.

Wiberg: This past weekend?

Woodward: Yes, from my home here in DC.

Wiberg: And what was she like. How did she strike you as a politician and as a person.

Woodward: Well, she’s a woman. I got that much. Sounds a little Canadian, which could be a problem with some of ignorant people outside of DC. Actually, it was difficult to have a conversation with her because of the background noise. She seemed to be at a daycare center.

Wiberg: Maybe those were her kids?

Woodward: (scribbling) Kids?

Wiberg: Let’s back up. First, what’s your book about Sarah Palin called.

Woodward: It’s called Outside the Bush Inner Circle: Some Woman’s Journey to the Top, Written By the Great Bob Woodward.

Wiberg: Is that really the whole title? Even the “written by the Great Bob Woodward” part?

Woodward: Yes, why?

Wiberg: It seems like you just threw your name in there for no reason.

Woodward: Ego isn’t a reason?

Wiberg: Can you tell me anything you learned about Sarah Palin?

Woodward: I can. From conversations that I imagined, of course. What I learned was that during this historic 72 hour period, there have been a great many, heated arguments between Sarah Palin and others who I cannot name.

Wiberg: You can’t name them? Why not?

Woodward: Because they don’t exist. Duh!

Wiberg: Did you just say “duh.” You are a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, and you just said “duh.” That’s kinda lame.

Woodward: You’re kinda lame and I’m putting that in my next book, which is coming out next Wednesday?

Wiberg: You already have another book? You just finished this last one.

Woodward: I know, but this one is more timely.

Wiberg: And it’s about what?

Woodward: It’s about Tuesday.

Wiberg: Tuesday? like this coming Tuesday? You’re going to write about a day that hasn’t even happened?

Woodward: Yep.

Wiberg: Why?

Woodward: Because.

Wiberg: Because why?

Woodward: You’re not the boss of me, I don’t have to tell you.

At this point he hung up the phone, saying something about Patty Davis’ Myspace page.


(note: I hesistated posting this not because it’s totally fake but because it’s not that incredibly funny – but I liked the rushed book cover I made up and didn’t want it to go to waste – thanks for reading!).

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