Directv’s New Menu – adjusting the menu scroll speed

I got the new Directv menu on my hd dvr a few days ago.  I noticed that scrolling through the menu action was much SLOWER than before.  Others have noticed.  And here. Google “new directv menu” and you’ll find similar posts/questions.

It is annoying to search online for a fix and to not find it at the website of the business providing the satellite service. You know – the company you’re paying.  Maybe it’s there.  Maybe Directv has an entire page dedicated to this topic!  Maybe they were creating a TVMail message about it and were planning on sending it any moment.

Anyway, this is what I did, which put the menu speed back to what it was before.

Click the Menu button.

Click Settings & Help

Click on Settings

Click on Display

Click on Preferences

Move the cursor down and change Scrolling Effects from ON to OFF.

Also, you can change the Banner time (I switched mine to 4 sec).

But I believe it is the Scrolling Effects that somehow was set to “ON” which provides the slow-as-hell scrolling. Turning that off should make things the scrolling action faster.  Now, this may be obvious to tech/satellite nerds, but I didn’t even realize these options were there in Settings. So, if this post helps just 1 person, then I know I have made a difference.

Besides finding the remote control ugly and user-unfriendly (ie, “More Info” feature is odd- usually provides an entirely different description than the brief description), this is the first annoying issue I’ve had with Directv but its indicative of tech companies who upgrade their software and hardware and pat themselves on the back about it, without enough guidance for users to actually use it correctly.