Paul Reiser show – a show about nobody!

hey, I haven’t posted in awhile and just thought that I’d post my thoughts on the incredibly unfunny Paul Reiser show. I wasn’t a fan of Mad About You, but a lot of people were – 20 years ago. Now one of the stars is back with a new sitcom. And, I suppose, in twenty years he can do a show about a guy who had a crappy sitcom about a guy who once had a successful sitcom.  At least Helen Hunt isn’t in this one.

Whereas a Reiser contemporary, Jerry Seinfeld, had a show “about nothing,” this show is about a nobody. Not literally, but 2011 is a lot different than the early 90s. Paul Reiser in the title of the show? Really? Other than his family and friends and NBC suits, has anybody in the past 15 years wondered what Paul Reiser is doing?

The first episode was awful, primarily for its blatant rip-off/homage of the much better written (improvised, mostly) Curb Your Enthusiasm. The corny circus music and including Larry David in the premiere episode was not the way to start (maybe he should have called the show “Paul Your Enthusiam”). It’s like the show jumped the shark on the first episode.   Maybe next week Paul can hang out a a community college. Or at the Tracy Jordan Show.  Actually, although I’m not a fan of Reiser’s, his timing and personality would actually fit more in The Office than any other sitcom on air.

That is the end of this post. I have grown tired of this topic much sooner than I realized. Thank you for reading this post. Now go read something else that isn’t so critical about a guy who is just trying to make our evenings more enjoyable with a little sitcom humor.

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