Jokes of Angelo Bowers

I post this so that I can visit this twitter feed later and be reminded of comedian Angelo Bowers’ humor and wit. I’m afraid I’ll forget. Bowers has some very MitchHedberg-like jokes, which I always appreciate.   I did not know him – just heard about his unfortunate passing last week, when he was killed by a drunk driver. I’m grateful for his friends, family, and fans for contributing to the twitter feed:!/angelosjokes

I lost my mom to a drunk driver 10 years ago, so I feel for the family and friends of Bowers and what they must be going through.  In time,  I hope they can be comforted  as much as possible, by the fact that Bowers’ jokes and video clips will (or should) live online and provide everyone a chance to hear and read his unique and clever sense of humor.