Obama’s New Slogan: FORWARD – oh, and a SINGLE point of LIGHT

ADVICE TO TEAM OBAMA – What looks like “one point of light,” ( rather than a thousand points of light, I suppose) also looks like a train headed straight…for…us.

Do I hear a train coming?

(here’s the obvious change-up on ‘FORWARD” – “FOREWARNED” that I see popping up everywhere – this is my version – you’re welcome to it)

Of course I just completed this “Forewarned” version of Team Obama’s new slogan, and then Googled it to see others already made. oh well.  So, I include a still frame from my never-to-be-made cartoon titled “FORWARD meets CLIFF.

This I’m particularly proud of so a link back would be appreciated. I spent a lot of time drawing that cliff! (eat your heart out Shepard Fairey)