Brett Kimberlin – The Jerk Store Called – They Are All Out of You

I read only a few blogs, the most important to me is Instapundit, for its wide range of topics and libertarian bent. The other day, Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds linked to this growing saga of one Brett Kimberlin.  Kimberlin is an ex-con loser who is hell bent on making life miserable for anyone who writes about him and his stupid charity. Friday May 25th is  a ” everybody blog about Brett Kimberlin” day, just to rile him up and to make him aware that individuals such as Kimberlin don’t get to call the shots on freedom of speech.

The backstory and more are here where blogger Stacy McCain battles Kimberlin.  I don’t know all the details but the takeaway is that Kimberlin is a big time douche and anyone or any organization that works in partnership with him is disgusting. Pass it on. And  no surprise that his charity receives funds from idiots like Barbara Streisand. Just typing her name bugs me.

this lovely studio photo of Kimberlin is way old. just picture an older, jerkier Kimberlin.