road tour, part 2

I’m halfway to Oregon. So far, my 2008 comedy tour is going pretty well, although I haven’t performed any comedy yet. That will be tomorrow night where I will perform to a sell out crowd at an open mic at a ‘secret show’ in south Oregon.


What else? Oh – I was pulled over today by the California Highway Patrol – I was recorded doing 75 mph in a In-N-Out drive-thru lane.

Also, as you may notice, I don’t do a lot of links on this site, because I’m just too busy thinking of jokes and reading.

I’ve read some journals and articles about ‘comedians’ on the road and they all sound very fun and exciting (those crazy club managers!) but apparently, cultural identity is very important for comedians! Who knew?

In no particular order, here’s a few:

The Black Comedy Tour, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Axis of Evil Tour, Religious Comedy Tour, or [deleted by editor because the guy who wrote this doesn’t think things through]. It goes on and on. And I’m sure they’re all hilarious. Yep.

Lesson learned: If you want to stand out in comedy, join a group of similar comics and perform to like-minded people. Repeat after me: “We’re All Individuals”

I didn’t think of this before I left, but if I had to call my ‘tour’ anything, I would just call it “The Mark Wiberg Kickin’ Ass and Taking First and Last Names If You Don’t Mind Tour!”.

2 thoughts on “road tour, part 2

  1. Hi Mark,
    I hope I get to see the “Kickin’ Ass” tour.
    And thanks for noticing our tour. Let me point out though, that while the other tours do indeed focus on what the comics have in common ours was put together based on our differences.

    It is a that fact the only thing that we do have in common is that we all want to use a cheap gimmick to forward our careers and make a quick buck. 🙂

    (the atheist on the tour)

  2. I stand corrected! Your tour is a bit different in that regard and I shouldn’t have lumped it in with the others…(however, since you all share ‘being different’ then you have something in common, no? j/k. If I could do footnotes, I’d put one here about The Sneetches, by Dr. Suess).

    But, seriously, I see your point and was just pointing out the ubiquity of ‘xyz comedy tours’ that have populated the Earth in the past 10 years. If it’s a way to get comedians out there and seen (and paid), then fine.

    I suppose I don’t view it as a gimmick, but some of these tours I think they are cynical toward/about their targeted audience.

    But, if it were up to me, every comic would get their own sweet, cash-filled tour, starting with you, then me.


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