road tour, part 3, eating on the road

As a road comic, you sometimes fall into bad eating habits. Maybe you survive on whatever a 7-11 store can offer (warm burritos, old hot dogs), or you eat rice for several days. It’s tough out there on the road.

Today I had a summer dish of  horseradish crusted salmon medallion with dilled cucumber and mustard sauce. I know, I know – paired with a glass of 2001 Betts & Scholl, it wasn’t exactly my ideal. But if I am going to make it in this business, and tour, I have to sometimes be served this kind of cuisine. I’m sure things will improve as I reach Oregon for the secret show.

3 thoughts on “road tour, part 3, eating on the road

  1. “Sold-out secret show?” Ok, be serious: you’re doing a convention for CIA employees, aren’t you? “How it’s going, all you clandestine motherfuckers! I’m memorizing your faces right now!”

  2. The Company has a great sense of humor (please refer to 1990s intelligence efforts).

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