road tour, part 4, in OR

Well, I made it to Oregon. I ditched my bluetooth headset as soon as I crossed the state line. It feels great to be back to hands-tied-cellphone usage!

Oregon native
Oregon native

I’ll be doing a show tonight. Now, I’ve never been to Oregon, but I understand they don’t pay state taxes and they like trees. They’re like rich Ewoks. Should be a good starting point.

By the way, I’m already getting a lot of questions about what I’m using to blog this trip from the road. I use OLPC laptop (from the One Laptop Per Child program). This program works to get cheap but useful computer machines into the hands of third-world country kids. I got mine by setting up a PO Box in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, under the name Ethan Hunt. I put a note on the PO Box for UPS to redirect shipment to California.


I’m a little bummed that it didn’t come with a mouse.