Enough With the never-seen before photographs of Marilyn Monroe phenomenon

Is it me or is it every year there are released ‘never seen photographs’ of Marilyn Monroe?  Let’s just call on every little weird Hollywood insider photographer and set crew members who snapped a pic of MM to release any and all photographs of Marilyn Monroe this year on, say, June 1, 2012, and be DONE WITH IT!  I’m not a fan at all, but even fans of MM have got to be tired of this shit.

oooh, look - another photo of Marilyn Monroe. She looks so very different in this one than the other 5 million photos we've seen!

There is, probably, some old geezer out there with a folder of pictures of MM thinking “oh boy, I have photos nobody has ever seen and one day I will share with the world!”   To him, I say ‘don’t wait, because you won’t be the last!’. Unless, of course, everyone agrees to a Marilyn Monroe Freedom Of Photo Information Act of June 1, 2012 and they release every image ever taken of this person.

This is also an important reminder to never wish that a actor or actress you dislike die an early death because then they will be made into a legend/icon and you will have to look and hear about them for the rest of your life.