Jokes about the guy who jumped the white house fence


did you hear about the guy who jumped over the White House fence and made it through the front door?

1. I haven’t seen that much activity at the White House since Clinton left office.

2. He qualified for the hit new show White House Ninja Warriors, moving on to Las Vegas semi finals.

3. those Jehovah Witness dudes are getting more aggressive!

4. Really? Breaking into a black guy’s house? What is this? New York?

5. I heard he ran through Michelle Obama’s garden and destroyed it so it wasn’t a total disaster.

6. hey everybody, Joe Biden’s house doesn’t have a fence….just saying…..

7. The Secret Service has promised to keep the front door locked. But the back sliding glass door will remain opened so Joe Biden doesn’t run into it.

8. Officials say the trespasser is not a Democrat because, as everyone knows, they are all running away from Obama.

9. The Secret Service decided not to shoot the guy because he appeared unarmed. And because they thought he might have a hot sister.

10. The trespasser was armed with a knife. Or as Nancy Pelosi called it – an AR-15.

—thanks! here all night (I thought of these, not to say others haven’t….jokes like these are as easy as climbing the White House fence).